Corporate identity

Why are they important?

Even a large company needs a small logo.

Today's business environment is characterized mainly by endless competition between existing companies. Many of them offer products on the market that are very similar, which is why pre-thought-out visual communication is especially important for companies, through which they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and add value to their products.
A well-defined one helps to ensure its consistency corporate design, thanks to which the company attracts the attention of the public. It is therefore important for each company to have a functional design manual, which clearly defines the individual principles of corporate design, which will ensure the uniformity of visual communication.

If you are going to enter the market with a new project or you have a correctly defined corporate identity of the company, we are missing for you. We will be happy to take care of a professional image that will differentiate you from the competition and support the memorability of the brand. By creating a logo, defining color, typography or even creating a comprehensive design manual, we will definitely succeed.

Final price?

It is difficult to say the exact price for a logo design, as the final amount depends on various factors. It can start with the sum of 100€ and can reach up to several hundred euros for creating a quality design manual of the brand. Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer.

How does it work?

The process of creating a corporate identity consists of three phases, which require the collaboration and mutual cooperation of our designers with you:


Entry consultation

We first find out what is not suitable in the current style, along with the starting points for a new identity.


Design manual

We define and codify the new identity. The result of this work will be a functional design manual brand.


Tailor-made solutions

We will find a style that will differentiate you from the competition. With an unmistakable, timeless and characteristic system, you will achieve your own identity.